I am worried about the address I just got

I just received an address of a russian postcrosser.
I will send her a card of course, but I can’t understand how I could get this address.
Last postcard sent in August 2016
Last postcard received in October 2020
She has more cards sent than received and the only thing I can think of is that she recently came online again and requested new addresses and that’s the reason her account is set active again. Who knows…
But I can only hope my card will get registered :roll_eyes:

A card sent to her being expired would also put her address back into the pool.

She probably had her account inactive and now set it back to active.


Looks like this person did indeed set their account back to active today, after a long period of inactivity! Do send them your postcard when you can — I’m sure they must miss seeing nice mail on their mailbox. :slight_smile: