I am visiting Serbia in April 2023 :)

Hello, greetings from Japan,

I am planning to visit my very good Serbian friend in Kragujevac in Serbia in the beginning of April 2023 for two weeks if my health condition allows. I already bought airplane tickets and I am quite exited !

I was wondering if anyone would like to meet me in person in Kragujevac or nearby area ? I would be happy if I could make several more friends in Serbia. (I now have two friends there.)

Also, I would like to know where to get postcards in Kragujevac including touristic view cards ?

Thank you for your info in advance! Also, please feel free to contact me :slight_smile:

Happy New Year, 2023, everyone!


Happy New Year! :tada:

Nice news for the beginning of New Year :mailbox_with_mail: It is very early to confirm you where I would be, but likely I will be in Belgrade. If your :flight_arrival: is in Belgrade, let me know.

For the touristic postcards, I hope you will find in local touristic organization - https://gtokg.org.rs/ However, your friend could help you to find some.


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Hi and Happy New Year! @Vladimir74

Thank you for your nice response :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope to find as many cards and stamps as I can while I am in Serbia.

Looking forward to meet Postcrossers in person too!

Happy 2023!