I am looking for a postcard

Hello Postcrossers,
I am looking for a postcard that says Keep calm and check your mailbox.
Any help with this would be appreciated.
Thank you,

UnaPhoto (Etsy)

I have this one. If you are interested in it, let me know and I will send it to you :wink:


The one etsy is not the same mail box I am looking for. Thank you for trying to help.

Possible to post a photo of the front and/or back? (Can’t tell if you’re trying to get more of a card you have, or if you’re trying to track down a card you’ve seen elsewhere)

Sorry I don’t have a photo. It is a postcard I have seen on a YouTube video. There a few that have the same saying but with different mailboxes or postboxes. I am looking particularly for the one with I believe is a Royal Mail postbox on it. Milatra is sending me the one with a regular mailbox which was another I was looking for.

Good luck! Maybe the regular mailbox card will have some publisher info on the back that will help identify the set. :crossed_fingers:

Maybe taking a screenshot from the video would make it easier to identify the card.

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I can try find the video again and try making a screen shot. I am not good at doing tech things on my computer or phone. We watch you tube on the tv.

If you use the computer, or a phone and are logged in to your YouTube account, you should be able to find a list of videos you’ve watched.
Good luck!

Could it be that postcard?

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I love that card too but the one I am looking for has a Royal Mail post box. Thank you for helping.

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I looked around a little bit and I found that card. I don’t own this card, the image is from the internet and may help you finding your card:

I found it at keepcalms.com. This postcard isn’t produced anymore:
red card with mailbox

Thank you all for your help. At least now I know I will not be able to buy it. Thank you Milatra for sending me the one you did.

Hello, my postcrosser friend! I just recently learned about postcrossing. I really like this activity. With the help of postcards, I travel all over the world! I also started collecting banknotes from all over the world. But, now I have only seven banknotes. I will be the happiest person on earth if you can send me a postcard and some banknote to my collection. Please write your address on the envelope so that I can send you an answer. With best wishes from Moscow! Alexander

@avo038 I am sorry but my government does not allow me to send mail to Russia right now.