I accidently registered the postcards I didn't received when changing address

I just added my phone number to the address in my profile, because I hope the mailroom of my school can call me and notify me to pick up my postcards.
But after I changed my address, Postcrossing asked me if I had already received all the postcards sent to the old address. Since my address actually did not change, I misunderstood the question and chose yes.
As a result, Postcrossing registered all the postcards that are sending to me, even though I have not received them yet. Is there any way to cancel these registrations? (This is a huge number of registrations, a total of 11 postcards!)

I don’t think it’s possible, as the senders have already gotten a new slot too.


Hi! No, it’s not ever possible to unregister a card that has been registered. As long as your address is correct, the postcards should arrive anyway, and you can send a message to the members who sent the postcards via their profile, once the cards arrive safely!


OK, thanks for answering!

Thanks for answering! I guess I’ll just wait for the cards to arrive. Hope they all arrive safely!

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