Hurray message question

Sorry if this isn’t the right category i’m not sure. But my question is, when my cards were registered first it always said at the end: Now YOU will receive a card from another member… keep an eye out on your mailbox! But now it just says nothing, does this mean I wont receive cards? Or is it just that now that i’m not very new to postcrossing anymore the system thinks I understand how it works (which I do) or something else? Thanks and greetings from Jamie :smile:




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You sent 14 and got 14. I think you have to send your next card and it has to arrive, until it will say again “Now YOU will receive a postcard …”


That sentence is only present if you’re owed a card once the one got registered. It’s not really that way, that your address is only added to the pool once one of your cards got registered (although it will level out eventually).

Sometimes your address is given out ahead, so you won’t get a card once your next card is registered as you already received more than you have sent.

Hope my explanation makes sense for you.


The message now will only tell you there’s a card on the way if you’re eligible to receive more. So in your case, you have 14 cards sent, and 14 received – so you’re not due any postcards right now. When another of your cards is registered, as long as you haven’t received anything else in the meantime (which you might, since sometimes your address will be given out in advance) then it’ll tell you that you’re going to receive a postcard.


@Trina3 @Cassiopheia @shanaqui thank you everyone for the replies I understand now :slightly_smiling_face: have a good day


You are welcome! :smiley: