Hudson Valley, NY : World Postcard Day - Local Group Buy + Meetup Oct 1

Hi All :slightly_smiling_face: I’m wondering if anyone in the Hudson Valley area would be interested in a group buy of the WPD postcards.

Group Buy

4x6" glossy front

If you’re interested in the group buy, please let me know by 9/16 5pm ET. After that, I’ll be posting the meetup info in the Meetup forum. Unfortunately I just moved so I’m not looking to mail out at this time as I have no idea where my envelopes are.


October 1
5:00pm ET
Barnes & Noble Cafe
2518 South Rd
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

We’ll meet up at the local Poughkeepsie Barnes & Noble cafe to split the order and sign some cards. BYO cards and postage stamps (besides the group order) and I’ll bring some washi tape and decorative stamps.


I’m interested!

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I’ll be making the order of World Postcard Day official postcards today, if anyone else wants cards, please PM me before 5:00pm ET. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Not called for jury duty, so able to attend this meetup. Totally missed the point about the group buy. If you have any extras, I am happy to purchase any at the meetup. Bringing a random assortment of cards to swap. Stamps, a pen and a rubber stamp. See ya all later


I’ll have extras :blush: looking forward to seeing everyone!

Sad I missed this! Hope it went well.

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I’ll tag you for the next one =]