HS Code for Items to Send to Abroad (- Especially to Certain EU Countries)


I got to know that from mid-September 2023, when sending items from Japan to certain European countries like Germany requires HS code for items listed on the label.

I looked for HS code for teabags in Japanese but could not get it, so I looked up in English, like, HS code for teabags. Then, I got to know the HS code for teabags (flavoured black teabags) are :


But I am not sure if this 8 digit code is correct and universal ?? Just tea and even Roasted Green Tea are 10 digits on Japan Post website.

It is going to be a bit tricky for us in Japan (or anywhere else ?) to send items to abroad… :sweat_drops:

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This is universal as per UPU norms.

(this is for india)



Thank you!

At first, looking at Japan Post website, I thought all the HS code for items are 10 digits but when I looked up in English, the result for black teabags was 8 digits, so I am not sure it was correct and universal ?

Does anyone know can certain items ’ HS code be like even 4 digits or 8 digits not 10 digits ?

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In the UK you can do 4, 6, or 8 digits, but it isn’t required if you aren’t commercially manufacturing and selling something (a customs label will do)

Also it seems to be a different code here: 0902, 090230 or 09023000.

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If I remember correctly, sending items from Japan to certain EU countries like Germany, Ireland, France etc. now requires HS code listed on the customs label.

09023000 will do for black tea loose or in bags as long as you’re sending the equivalent of less than 3kg of tea overall

09021000 will do for the same setup on green tea.



Thank you!