How was I able to draw this address?

So I just drew an address. Her last sent card was registered on 7th November. Her last received card was registered on 22th March.
The member was seen 26 days ago so it isn’t possible that she went back to active.

Any explanations ?

She had a card travelling to her which has now expired and her address got back to the pool maybe.


She must have fewer received cards than sent. And possibly a postcard to her has expired recently.
And as long as she’s been logged in within the last 30 days, her account is considered active.

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She might have set her account to inactive to avoid receiving cards for one reason or another (house move, perhaps) explaining the gap in receiveds

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My first address I drew in 2021 was to a China member whose last seen 27 days ago, last sent and last received was on January 2020.
Probably it will be my first expired in 2021 :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks everybody for the answers.
Hopefully it’ll be received ! :slight_smile:

I sent the card to somebody, who seems didin’t receive any card since 2019. But my card is arrived and registred, just not posted.

I apologise this is a bit off topic, but do I understand correctly that if a card sent to a person expires, this person’s address comes back in the pool?
Isn’t that strange??
You could simply wait to register anything and then get extra cards.
I always thought expired = expired and that’s it. I’m a bit confused now. :sweat_smile:

But when you don’t have more sent than received you won’t enter the pool again when you draw a new address. When you stop sending any cards, sent / received should even out after a while. That can only happen when your address gets back to the pool when a card doesn’t make it to you.

Yes, the address goes back to the address pool, given that the member is active. And given that the member has fewer received than sent as far as I know.

And risk that your profile is blocked because it’s detected that the travelling times to you aren’t within the normal range.