How to use Midjourney for Postcrossing / Snailmail

We all want to make our postcards & letters personal. A massive Gamechanger for me is midjourney ai. Today I want to provide a little inspiration for all that use midjourney already but haven’t integrated it into their Postcrossing Journey.

What is midjourney
It’s an AI Service that let’s you feed their AI with your own image prompts. Then it’ll come up with completely new art based on your prompts.

For example Emma Watson as christmas Marilyn Monroe

Of course, some prompts work better than others, and sometimes you have to try a lot until you have created the perfect image. However, usually you can enter and combine anything, which gives you an incredible amount of creative freedom.

So, how can you integrate midjourney into postcrossing?


Firstly, there are services that print custom postcards.
You can use one of your favorite art pieces to send out postcards that only exist once in the world and are owned by you, only :fire: I feel like this is such a special thing to send away. The service I found prints 10 cards for 9,90 € which to me is absolutely ok for then being able to own and send out absolutely 1 of a kind cards.

Some of you may have seen it (or even participated) - I recently started a lottery and will send out Harry Potter Christmas Cards I created with the AI to the winners. This is the motive that will be printed professionally as a postcard:

This is another motive (herbology class) which is printed:


I did the exact same thing to purchase photo stickers from the same service.
And they only cost 2,99€ for 16! different, custom stickers. I thought about what motives I want to have to include in my mailing. Then I created some “horror & halloween” themed stickers in a postage stamp look as well as some cats, moths, and other themes I like.

This is the outcome.

Their size is perfect for small postcards and I’m absolutely obsessed! :slight_smile:


This can only be done by the people who have a polaroid printer like Instax but since those became quite popular - I bet a bunch of you have one. :blush:

I usually send custom Polaroids to my penpals depending on what they really like or depending on the topic of my letter.
Again, I’m using midjourney to create motives that work for me and will print them as a little polaroid. :purple_heart:

That then looks like this:

And of course, if you have a printer, just make use of midjourney to print out some custom motives and paper to decorate your cards with.

I hope this inspired you to integrate midjourney ai. into your postcrossing /snailmail experience. :blush: If you live in Germany and want to know what service I use for sticker/card printing: > it’s


I clicked the site, then quickly went away! Not a good site to visit at all (imho).

Whoever designed it, needs a firm talking to! All that swirling background, migraine inducing, sickness inducing and possibly for other things as well. It should come with a warning!

Not something I will be using.


It’s usually connected with Discord and then it’s completely normal and well done. I agree that their main site, when not being logged in, is confusing, however.

That makes no sense. Why make something that is very inaccessible? It just puts people off. I remember MySpace, pages made by 13 year old girls were easier on the eyes that that! :joy:


lol I get it! I also don’t know why they designed their main page like this :woman_shrugging:

The mind boggles! lol

Looks interesting but I wish it was less expensive

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I totally understand that - especially because it’s super addicting :pleading_face:
When I had my free version in the beta period, I used up my credits soooo quickly.

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Yes, I believe it’s addicting :sweat_smile: I have made some experiments with free AI image services but their quality wasn’t very good (at least not good enough for postcards)
I want to share an image with you that an AI made

(It was something that I saw in my dream. It looked very different from what the AI did but I find this resulting picture strangely cute :laughing:)


That’s so cute though! Looks like a little raccoon :smile:
I’ll check what midjourney does with that - it made me curious

I immediately felt confused in my head, what a strange site :face_with_spiral_eyes::exploding_head:

For someone suffering from migraine it’s really hard.

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Oh no ! So sorry, i hope it didn’t make it worse :sob::scream:

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I agree @Angelthecat which is why I left quickly, I am prone to migraines. I left the site very quickly!


Don’t worry, like @Bunny-Boo I left quickly and it is also not your fault :kissing_heart:


Not sure how I feel about AI Art right now…there is still a lot of legal/ethical issues that haven’t been worked through yet. In the future maybe :thinking:

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you can try ; it is free and has latest AI models

I’m with you. As a designer - and as a friend to many artists -, it’s really hard to grapple with this.