How to turn a received photo around

I have a number of pics of cards on my wall that are upside down or wrong way round, am I able to correct this ?

I would take a new picture and upload it.
Or download the picture, do whatever needs to be done with a software like irfanview and upload again.


Are these cards you’ve received? Then yes, you can scan the card & upload a new pic (deleting the other one first).

Under each image of one of your received cards, you’ll see a “Delete image” link. Click on that, delete the image & upload your new one.

You can scan cards with your phone or take a picture with your phone & upload it or use a computer scanner to scan your postcards & then upload. If this seems too tricky, find a tech savvy friend to help you.

If these are cards you’ve sent & they’ve been received, then, you can’t fix it at your end. What you could do is ask the recipient to scan & upload a better image or ask if you could send them the image.


This is good advice. It’s all you need to do.