How to remove glue residue on the front of stamps?

Hi Everyone,
Recently I purchased a stockbook full of stamps and come across of some stamps stack together. Not only on the back of stamps but also on front there is some kind of self-adhesive foil glued over the stamps as you can see on the pictures. I was able to remove the foil but not the sticky glue residue which you can see on the last two pictures. Does anyone know any method how to remove it safely without damaging the stamps?

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No way. They have been destroyed.

When I peel off stamps from envelopes, i put them in warm water and after time really gently try to separate them from paper and each other. With my finger (to feel paper and glue) I’m trying to delete glue, but it works not always and not as perfect as I wish. Sometimes they’re too thin or too sticky…
Not sure if it works in your case, it depends on glue, but you can try one stamp, who knows…

I would soak them in water, with a little washing up liquid in it, and then try what happens if you use hand sanitiser or baby wipe to remove the sticky part. (But afterwards, wash again).

It happened to me just 2 days a go, I bought 3 full sheets of stamps, I put them in my bag then when I took them out at home it happened that 3 stamps were stuck to the ones behind. I could only save 1 in the front, the rest were heavily damaged.

It doesn’t seem to be the same kind of glue used for self-adhesive stamps, but there is a thread in the old forum where people discussed how to peel off self-adhesive stamps. Hope it gives you some hints.


I tried many procedures, and some worked well.
One product that I did not see mentioned in the old forum is Unisolve (USA and online).
I used it many times to remove glue from stubborn labels, etc.
I hear that citrus oil (from Home Depot, etc.) +talcum for the backside of stamps worked well for others.

Thank you all with the help. Here is what I found people using to remove the self-adhesive stamps from envelopes or postcards without damaging.

Pure Citrus oil
Hydrocarbon-based solvents
Citrus based Air freshener
Nail polish remover
Orange oil

Like I said this all help to remove the stamp from paper, but the problem I have is on the FRONT of stamps. For some reason somebody place self-adhesive foil over the stamps and now I have glue residue on the face of the stamp. My question is how to remove it without damaging. .

Actually I went to youtube and typed in hacks for removing stamps from envelopes. You might look it up. The gal used steam.

I know of that technique but as you read back I don’t have problem removing stamps from envelopes or postcards, in fact my stamps have some kind of self-adhesive foil stack on the face of the stamps and I am looking to find the way to remove that foil from the face without damaging the stamp.

I’m not sure if this will work with your exact problem, but I have occasionally put postal items that are stuck together due to high humidity in the freezer (1-2 hours). It doesn’t damage the items and sometimes makes adhesives easier to remove and/or to separate.