How to remove cellphane tape from stamps?

Hi guys,

Is there a way to safely remove cellophane tape from stamps? I have a friend that sent me some stuff in the mail but she has 0 mailing experience so she taped over the stamps with cellophane around the edges. I have no idea how to safely remove the stamps if I even can?

Does anyone have experience with removing these type of stamps?

you can try white spirit, which you should get in the drugstore.

Just be careful and always close the bottle as it otherwise will vanish.

Apply from the back some drops so the tape is wet, let go for about 20 sec then carefully remove the tape

If you are unlucky the stamp either looses its color or you ruin it physically

so try on a low value stamp first

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Sometimes I’ve managed to do this by just pulling the tape on top of it self, so not lifting the tape.
The corners are the part where it might tear the postage stamp easiest.
Or stick your nail or something sharp under it and try to roll it away.

Much depends on the tape and stamp material.

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Warm up carefully with a hair dryer and slowly separate from each other with tweezers.
Or hold it over steam and wait for it to dissolve.
But maybe try first with a stamp that is not so important to you

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@Emchen @xxxyyy @pumuckl
Thank you all for your suggestions. I’ll try each method with some low value stamps first to see which works best for me.

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