How to relieve the anxiety that the postcard did not arrive

I have sent a postcard fifty one days ago. And it is still travelling. Do you have the experience of postcard travelling for a long time and still not arrive. How did you feel then.

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When I was new to Postcrossing, I worried about postcards not arriving. If the card expired (over 60 days) I would send another card to replace it and hope the 2nd one arrived.

Now that I have been Postcrossing a little longer, I worry less about the cards not arriving. Sometimes I send a replacement, mostly I don’t.

Right now I have several really nice cards expired on their way to China. I will wait a long time before I send a replacement for those, because mail to China is very slow already and the pandemic makes the mail even slower. So the postcards may still arrive before they disappear forever at 365 days.

To answer your question: if I stress about cards not arriving, I try to occupy my thoughts with other things like looking at postcards and stamps to buy online, and dreaming of traveling the world after the pandemic ends.


I used to worry about expired or soon to be expired postcards & even sent a few replacements, but then I realized I have control over choosing the postcard, writing on it, stamp choice etc, but once I put it in the postbox - it’s on it’s own journey which I have no control over & so I don’t worry about them much anymore.

Am I disappointed if they don’t get there sooner, sure I am, but it’s a normal part of Postcrossing & the majority of cards do get to their destination, even if it takes a long time. I just had a postcard to Belarus arrive there this week after 94 days.

Lots of people have also felt the challenge of waiting, check out this thread…Expired Postcards


I honestly don’t have any anxiety about the cards arriving. I figure it’s up to the postal services to get the postcard to its destination and that is completely out of my control. If it arrives, that’s great. If it doesn’t, then better luck next time.

My anxiety actually peaks at the part that I can control–i.e. getting the postcards to the post office. Normally I write the cards once a week and send them right after so it’s the least amount of stress, but this month I’m participating in the Month of Letters where I have to write something every day and get them mailed shortly thereafter. Doing this daily is not particularly relaxing to me because during the week I’m busy with work and other errands which don’t leave much time for postcards.

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Write more postcards. Then you can share your attention between all of them and you’ll worry less about the Individual ones. :smiley: (says the girl who has 68 traveling…)


Good idea!

In the beginning I sent some replacement cards, but meanwhile I’m more patient because I learned that com some cards still arrive after 60 days.

And I have an album in my flickr account for my expired postcards:

Of course I’m sad when I upload a picture of an expired card… But it still can be noticed without being on someone’s wall. That makes me feel better. :slightly_smiling_face: