How to recycle beautiful -,received - theme-postcards that you don't collect but might make others happy :)

In the past I have received some official postcard that were really beautiful and I was sure that they would make other post-crossers happy as they collect those themes . As I don’t want to send them in envelope I wonder what would be the best way to use them . Covering the whole backside and divide it seems the easiest solution . But I am not sure there is no other better way . I know many post-crossers want to keep al received postcards and I did till now and it’s not hundreds that I am talking about :smile: Is there maybe a Topic for this ?


:thinking: I think this discussion should be moved to the #postcard-mail:postcard-chat category

But, yeah, I also sometimes reuse postcards that were sent to me by covering the text side and sending them on their merry way!
You can send these types of cards in the ♻ Environmentally Friendly Tag. There are also Recycling and Reusing Round Robin groups in the Socially Good Cards RR 🕊 and Scandinavia x Other Countries RR.

@nekelin and @metlodyt also use old cards to create new “Frankenstein cards” as you can see here and here.

Hi … thank you Feuerstuhl … I did look at those but don’t feel like this should belong there :slight_smile: … concerning : the Frankenstein … I don’t want to tore them up … and I would not like to receive such a postcard either with pieces of my favorite theme postcards … !!

I think it is perfectly OK to cover up the back of the card and send it to someone who would really like it. One of the best cards I have received was clearly reused, but it fit perfectly with my interests, and I really like when I can tell that a sender has taken the time to find something specially for me.

Also, just a small defense of my Frankenstein cards: They are not reused postcrossing cards, but leftovers from stamp collecting. The cards were already torn up when I got them, I just decided to make something from the scraps.


So many different people, so many different views. Once you’ve received a card, or part of a card, it’s yours. Which means you can do with it whatever you want.

If you don’t want to send them in an envelope, then that does seem like the best solution.
But maybe someone else has a great idea?

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Recycling is fine, but please note that you should not send these previously used postcards to other Postcrossing members as official postcards, as that would be against the Community Guidelines.


Learn something new every day. I mean, I always send new cards, but I recently received something that could be considered as recycled. (I loved the card by the way, actually one of the highlights of the last 5-10 cards I received.)

No :slight_smile: … of course not for official post-crossing … in fact I was hoping to find a tag-group for such cards or people who would be interested to receive such cards for their collections . I do know the PC rules .


Okay … I see now what you mean .

I don’t think you need to defend using old cards to make beautiful new art. I love it!

Also maybe @Hasip you should consider starting an RR for “Gently Loved Favorite Themes” - you could have people exchange cards of themes they don’t collect for themes they do collect? I would be happy to see some of my cards go to a good home! :smile:


You can use them as unique, exclusive wallpapers. If there is not enough for the room, maybe is enough at least for the toilet… :smile:

I’d start a thread specifically for trading that kind of cards. Seeing as people have already said before I could that it’s against the rules and some people might be offended.