How to prepare for Postcard exhibition?

Like to know about your experience in exhibiting the postcard collection in philately events. I like to learn about how to achieve a good exhibit.


  • How to prepare for it?
  • How to gather material?
  • What points to remember when arranging the postcards as exhibit?
  • Is picture is good to have or message also need to be displayed?
  • How to put a postcard if we want to showcase picture and message both?

And all other ideas for a good Postcard exhibit.

Thanks for all the help here.

PS - inspiration came from one very nice exhibit on Postcards - Debutpex India 2020 and 2021

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Here’s my display in October 2021 for World Postcard Day.
Answers to your questions:
How do I prepare for it – Save postcards sent to me throughout the year.

How to gather material – I organize my cards by countries. The goal is to display as many different counties as possible.

Picture/Message – Yes, I included the World Postcard Day logo as well as a list of what countries are in the display

Showcase picture and message – My past displays included picture only. My 2022 World Postcard Display is of postcrossing meet-up cards. I plan to display the message side – only those that do not have my address written on it.

Hope this helps. Best of luck to you.
Warm regards,

Where did I find supplies – The postcard holders, mailbox and globes were from a thrift store.
The acrylic holders are from a my library (where this display was). There is also sewing pins used to attach the postcards to the felt wall inside the display. Those I purchased from Amazon.


Wow, your display is amazing

Thank you. Looking forward to creating the World Postcard Display in October.
Wishing you a great day. Always, Barbara