How-to on cards list

I’m getting used to using the forum.
I want to create a wish list for smooth communication.
What do I need to create a wish list?
I really don’t know anything and I need help.

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People usually put their wish lists on their profile on the main Postcrossing site.

You can edit your profile by clicking on the “Edit my profile” button & add your wish list. A wish list is all the kinds of cards you’d like to receive.

Or you could just have a list somewhere on a document on your computer & copy & paste it into your posts in the Forum when needed.

Do those suggestions make sense?

Here’s two different random examples of a wish list:


What do I need to create a offer list?

Offer list is public photo album or several albums with photos or scans of the cards you have. Any album service suits including albums of social networks - typical way is Such albums should be public(anyone) accessible to read , not modify. And it is better not to put your cards in high resolution in order to prevent screening and printing directly from your album.
You can place link to your album in your message or in forum profile.