How to make a screenshot?

This is quite an embarrassing question, but I am not very computer-literate and could somebody explain to me clearly and simply how to make a screen shot? Thanks a lot


It all depends on what sort of device you’re trying to take a screenshot with

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Do you mean computer or cellphone?

In my cell phone I use the “three-finger-swipe-down” method

On my computer

It sounds helpful, I will practice…

Thanks to you all, it will take me a while to digest the info and practice!!!

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for next time, for technology things, people are more able to help you if you also write what kind of device you are asking about, things change between a Windows computer and an Apple computer for example


Thanks for the advice, you are right. I naively thought there was a standard method like for copy and paste!!!

There is a difference there also between computer and smartphone for example, so just “how to copy and paste” is vague

One simple way to screenshot is to use the snipping tool, which is a scissor icon at the bottom of the page.

There are several versions I think but a general way is to click on “new”, go to one corner of the thing you want to copy, left click your mouse and drag it until the other corner of the object. It should form a rectangle image of what you’d like to have. Then ctrl+c to copy and ctrl+v to paste at wherever you want. Note that sometimes the image isnt very clear using this method.

Some images of the tool I have:

  1. click on new

2) say I want to screenshot this worked example. I go to the top left corner and left click my mouse

3) I then glide my mouse to bottom right corner of the question

4) Now you have the cropped image. You can use the tools above (highlighter, pen, eraser) to annotate your things before copying and pasting

  1. To save, use the save button given. In this case, the floppy disk icon
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Wow! Great, I will try that too!!Thanks a lot for the trouble you took to explain!

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Generally I use the Print Screen key, sometimes called Stamp - RSys or similar ways:

Then open any image editor, do “paste” and save the image.


This page will tell you exactly what you need to do on your specific device:

Give it a try :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot to everybody, this has been MOST helpful!

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