How to know the id of latest sent card from a country?


I drew a id very close to 500,000 a week back, so I am sure that India will soon hit the half million mark.

But, how do I know the id of the latest card that was received from India ??

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I guess you could start a Countdown for IDs in the India language thread, in the hope that other Indian postcrosser parcipate in the countdown as well :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the idea, I will start a countdown. But I thought that there will be a way to know the latest cards instead of being reliant on people updating the thread :frowning:

If you go to this page (Explore - Search - countries), it will show you the latest registered postcards from India:


Perfect, Thanks. Initially I was confused because the ids are not in order, but then I realized they are in the order of being registered :slight_smile:

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I guess you will not know the latest drawn id number until the card is regestered (and by the more id’s are drawn). Or, you will find out by the next address you draw yourself and see what id number you get.


Short answer: there is no way to know a country’s latest ID given out (beside asking for an adress). You only can see the latest ID registered in the explore-section, just as @Florallle mentioned. In my experience, the first five pages are suffice.

Longer answer: as a hunter of ‘cool’ IDs myself, you can always make estimates when a certain number should be close. You just need to find out the IDs given out a day, either by drawing adresses yourself over a few days, or checking the registered cards.
For AT, for example, on average we write 150-200 cards a day (weekend is more busy than workdays, usually), or approx. 1200 cards a week. Knowing that we are at 644xxx atm, I would estimate that at-700000 should be around in 45 weeks, = third trimester september 2023.

(For India, cards per day are around 200 too, surprisingly)

Of course, such calculations are easier for medium/small countries - for the superpowers like DE US TW it’s more difficult to narrow down a timeframe.


Your technique of estimation makes sense. Based on the 200 per day number and the latest registered card ids, India will have cards with 500k+ id registered around mid-Dec. And such id will be drawn by end of this month :slight_smile: