How to....image of my postcard prior to me sending it

I have received postcards that the sender already uploaded their card so I didn’t have to upload after I received it.
I do not know how to do this for my postcards I am mailing out to others?


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Please read :arrow_right: How do I upload or delete a postcard image from the postcards wall?

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If you have a cell phone (and you might not given where you live) you can take a picture of the card & either directly upload it to Postcrossing on your phone or send the image to yourself (via email, FB etc) where you can download it to your computer & then upload it to Postcrossing.

If you don’t have a cell or camera you can transfer photos off of, then you need to find a computer scanner you can borrow to scan them.

The details of the upload process are in the link Bille posted above.