How to get Women Who Dared postcards please?

I happened to get a postcard of Martha Gollhorn in tag,I love this one!
But the postman who sent the postcards and letters to our street,he stamped his own seal on all postcards! And he even picked out this one separately and covered it on the front,which makes me feel heartbroken every time I appreciate this card.૮₍ ◞‸◟₎ა

So I want to buy another one,but I didn’t find where to buy in China.
When I search Women Who Dared here,I found many ones may have this series of postcards,so I came here to ask if someone know how can I get these postcards?
Thanks for reading,best wishes to everyone :four_leaf_clover:ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

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These cards are in two postcard books from 1990 and 2000.
Women Who Dared and Women Who Dared 2.
They are sold for a horrible price now at Amazon.
Used books are cheaper, when they are offered. I don’t know if they are available in China on platforms like Ali Baba.

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I used to have this card because I had the entire postcard book. But I have sent all of them out from that book (I still have Volume 2 of their books) - they actually have three volumes altogether and I think you want Volume 1. I don’t know if any of these sites will ship to China but they are selling the one I think you want and the price is not bad:

Good luck finding what you want!


horrible……seems i should earn some money,haha!(≧▽≦)
Thanks for your information!

Thank you very much! >ᴗ<

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@YaoYu Were you looking to find another copy of this postcard of Martha Gellhorn? I have a new, unused one I would be happy to send to you.