How to get the special postmarks/handstamps from Royal Mail

Hi guys, I will be traveling to the UK next week and I’m interested in collecting some of the special postmarks shown in this bulletin

I plan to purchase some First Day Cover envelopes from Royal Mail’s website for the postmarkings. But I am quite confused with this statement highlighted in yellow.

If I want to have the stamped First Day Cover with the special postmark, is this how I should go about getting it?

  • Envelope A → An envelope containing envelope B and C, affixed with 2nd class postage. (I will be mailing this within the UK)
  • Envelope B → The returning envelope to Malaysia enclosed with envelope C.
  • Envelope C → The First Day Cover affixed with £1.70 postage. I want the special handstamp on this and I don’t want this to be damaged.

My question is, do I not affix another £1.70 on Envelope B based on what’s highlighted in yellow? Or am I not understanding what is written correctly?

Or do I affix £1.70 onto Envelope B instead and nothing on Envelope C?

Sorry if these questions sound stupid. I’d appreciate any help I can get regarding this! Thanks in advance!


Hello Rei,

I’ll send you a PM with my experience,


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Hello Rei,
The postmarks are always applied very carefully. I will send you a PM with my experience too
Welcome to the United Kingdom !