How to get the authorization from the author of "Greetings from..."

Hello everyone! We are the Lighting Capital --Guzhen Postcard Association(LCGZPA) from Zhongshan, Guangdong, China.We design to design a postcard like the “Greetings from…” series to introduce our small town to the world. We hear that the author of the series welcomes people to design postcards like “Greetings from…” So we are now searching the contact details of the author and get authorization.

Can everyone help us?:pleading_face:

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That series is done by Postallove

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I have read it the other way round, that she doesn’t like it. Here’s an interview with her where she states

But frankly I’m not a big fan of “unofficial GF cards”. It’s a source of confusion for Postallove customers. I often get questions if these cards are available in the store. And I always say that there is so many ways to create your own design that it’s a shame to copying someone’s idea.


Can I design and print the Greetings form … card of my hometown(I am referring to a province or city, not a country) by myself? Will it cause infringement?

i’m not familiar on the laws specifically in china, but as long as you take the photo yourself, and don’t sell the postcards to anyone else, then i dont see how it can cause infringement.

Talked here:

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