How to get back mobile view

I don’t know how but now I see desktop version on my mobile phone. Even when I switch back and forth on mobile and desktop it’s still showing the stretched out look on both formats. It’s making it really hard to use the site now :confused:

Here’s what both the desktop and “mobile” view looks like now

This is horrible I have to zoom in to see anything but it just makes it harder to have to scroll back and fourth when it’s zoomed in. This is very frustrating :pensive::pensive::pensive:

What phone and browser do you use?
When you switch back, have you cleared the cookies and saved internet files/cache from the browser? That should help…

I have a Samsung Galaxy and use chrome. I don’t believe I’ve cleared any cookies or my browser history

I went into chromes settings and there was a setting about using desktop site and for some unkown reason postcrossing was under a tab that said only use desktop version. I have no idea how that got clicked but your suggestion helped me since it wasn’t a postcrossing issue it was my browser! Thank you


Closed at the request of the TO.