How to find someone I discussed with a long time ago?

Hello, I have some troubles to find “old” messages from private conversations…
I mean, I remember I had a discussion with an Indonesian postcrosser in September last year, but I don’t know how to find the discussions from September. I don’t know if I am very clear :sweat_smile:

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You will have to scroll through all your old messages, there is no shortcut :frowning:

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You could use the Forum search function in your personal messages section & try Indonesia or anything specific you remember about the conversation.

And you can also search by date in your personal message section too.


First open your message page and type your key word in the search icon (username or anything you remember). Choose “in personal”

As you can the result below, it shows old message from May 2021


Try the expanded search. If you don’t know how to get there, click this link

Now paste this text in the search bar “after:2021-09-01 before:2021-09-30 in:personal in:first
It will show all private messages that were initiated between September 1st, 2021 and September 30th, 2021.


Thank you for all your answers!
haathi, you tip is fantastic, thanks a lot!

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If other postcrossers are wondering how to find the private conversations with a specific user, you have to search: “@[name of the person] in:personal in:first”

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