How to draft a new topic

Does anyone know if there is a way to create a new topic and keep it hidden until it’s ready?
I might open a new RR soon and I’d like to do some editing before it becomes public and I’d rather do it directly here on the forum instead of jumping between forum and word document. :sweat_smile:

Yes, there is a cool way: Write a PM to yourself and prepare everything there you need to.

Once you are ready, you can simply copy everything into the new topic. Just make sure to click on “edit” before copying, so you also get the URLs for pictures uploaded etc correctly.

Very easy.

You don’t find a message you wrote to yourself in you inbox, though - it’s in your outbox only.


This tip made everything easier. Thank you so so so much for you help! :smile:

Writing a PM to yourself is one way, but you don’t need to copy&paste things from there to the new place — under the :wrench: there’s a ‘Make Public Topic’ which converts that message into a public one.

Haven’t used it myself yet, but should work?


I’ve tested it.
Under the :wrench: I can only choose “Make Wiki”.

Maybe it’s only for TL4?

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Seems you are right — only staff can use it. Then @Reisegern suggestion with copy&paste is the way to go. Thank you for checking @Bille!

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Can we mortal users create wiki pages or is it reserved only for the moderators?

You can flag the post so that a moderator can make it into a wiki for you :slight_smile:
Or you wait until you get a Regular badge and can do it yourself:

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