How to create summary/detail blocks

How did you do that?
Screen Shot 2020-11-19 at 14.57.03

You can find it over here:



You mean like this? This must be useful for people writing reams of notes on official documents, but on a forum it would presuppose that most people would click on it, yes?

It’s used a lot here on the forums. Just think of all the long RR and Bingo lists :slight_smile:

I’m not a round-robbiner or bingoer. I had a look once, and backed away clutching my clothes and making a high-pitched keening sound. :cold_sweat:

haha, I see. It’s also useful when writing about movies, tv shows etc - so you don’t spoiler anyone! :slight_smile:

Or for very long postings… to cut it down a bit.

Or for extra information, that might not be interesting for everyone…

edit: in this case I didn’t want two large screenshots in the posting. But I wanted to include your screenshot, too.


This topic is quite old and you may have already resolved your inquiry, but as an added suggestion:

If you find a formatted text in a post that you would like to mimic (like the summary/detail blocks) you can copy one from someone’s post and when you paste it the test form with the format, too.