How to add postcard descriptions?


I’m new to Postcrossing, and I just noticed today that some postcards have a little description of the image, artist, or context. But I can’t seem to figure out how to do that. Can anyone help me?

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Are you taking about what is printed on the back of the postcard? Some postcards have that descriptive text printed, others don’t. That’s how the maker printed them.

Oh, no I’m sorry - I wasn’t clear! I mean when the card images are uploaded, there’s a brief description with them. I’ll see if I can get a link to one to add here. Thanks!

Edit to add a link, although the question is answered below already!


You can only add a description when you have received a card:


Only the person receiving the card can add a descriptor where that link is - if you are sending the card, the only way you can add a description is in the comments below the card.


Thank you both! I appreciate it :blush:

Of course the person who sent the postcard can also add a comment, as I do sometimes.

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Yes, I thought I might do this too! Just to comment where I picked up the card and little details like that, if it’s relevant to the card.

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I have wished this would change so the sender can add the description. I even note this preference in the annual survey.


Yes, many of us did the same, but I gather it’s not so easy to change & the discussion about who has control over the image of the card once it’s sent, is complex & happened long before I arrived on Postcrossing.


If you would like to discuss about this theme please do that in Why can't the sender create the image describtion? or Postcard Descriptions - do you use them?

We are here at #postcrossing:help and the question is answered.


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