How much to send 3 postcards in an envelope from USA?

Does it need additional postage with the international stamp? Thanks

No not for only 3 You can usually send 5 sometimes 6


As long as the envelope is no thicker than 1/4 inch (source here), the current $1.20 international letter rate still applies.

Here is a helpful international retail postage calculator; I recommend bookmarking it for further questions.



I usually get $1.41 from this calculator.

I may put an extra ounce 15 cents stamp in addition to the international stamp just to make sure.

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As others have said $1.20 (or a combo of that amount using different stamps) will cover (5) cards in an envelope to International destinations.

Here’s a tip: Seal your envelope very well. Do not put “Do Not Bend” on the envelope. If you give the counter clerk an envelope with that written on it, they may consider it a parcel and ding you for additional postage. Sounds crazy, but this has happened.

Thanks so much. I normally just drop them in a blue USPS mail box though.