How much longer does it take to mail from a semi-rural area in the U.S.?

I have sent two postcards from a town that’s a couple of hours from a major city. Is there any information on how long that might add to the international travel time?

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Thanks, that does sound like a better place for it. I’m still not super familiar with this forum.

Just poke around and you’ll get more familiar with it as times go by. :slightly_smiling_face:

Probably 1-2 days extra.

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I live 60 miles or so from where our mail gets postmarked. I know when I track packages, it can sometimes take an extra day to receive depending on when the mail hub receives the parcel. I imagine letters and postcards would be similar.

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i work for the postal service. Every post office is within one day of a major sorting facility, so long as the carrier makes it back to the post office by the time the truck is heading to the sorting facility from their office your card will be started on it’s journey the 1st day. More outlying areas tho often have trucks that don’t drop off their mail until 8 or 9am because it takes so long to drive out there and stop at all the other post offices along the way, and then they make the return trip around 3 or 4 pm! which is long before a carrier can usually get back to the office when they didn’t even start until 2 hours after many other offices. So that is the only delay. Once the card hits a major post office it is well on it’s way except for the major storm delays or political interference etc


I honestly have more trouble sending in state mail than out of state mail regarding time… and I live rural.
They closed our sorting facility and now truck our mail to other cities - on the other side of the Cascade mountains and often back again. Depending upon what city they send it to, it is either LONG or REALLY LONG

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