How much extra postage required?

Does anyone know how much extra postage is required for a Papyrus card? It says extra postage required, should I add a 20c stamp onto the required rate? Thanks!

My experience is that when sending domestically it requires the additional ounce, 20 cents, if just oversized but if square it needs 30 cents non-machinable surcharge. However, I have never had to use either for international mail, oversized or square. I do have to add postage if the international mail is over 1 ounce.

This guide is helpful for me

As was said, add 20c for an additional ounce or 30c non-machinable surcharge

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Dies the card say extra postage required? And card you mailing within the US?

I’m sending one domestically and one to Ireland, they are both just oversized not square. Do you think extra 20c is enough for just the domestic one?

Yes and yes!

Very helpful - thank you!!

I think you can add the 20¢ on the domestic one and be safe but I worry about the weight on the international. What I’ve had happen is be just a bit over 1 ounce and have had the card returned to me. That means I’ve wasted $1.30, AND now I may have to pay that PLUS the international extra ounce (which is almost the same as single ounce) to resend. Sometimes the post office hasn’t marked up the original postage so I just have to pay the extra ounce, but it is dependent on the person at the counter, sadly. I work for the USPS and while the vast majority of clerks and carriers are amazing, the few who are grumpy sticklers make it rough.

I do a lot of international mailing so I bought an inexpensive kitchen scale to weight mail at home.

Ohhh so is it that it’s overweight and not oversized? I just weighed mine and they do need an extra 20c

The one to Ireland will need a total of $2.43 in postage if it is over 1.5 ounces.

If the mail piece is within the letter size dimensions, the max weight is 3.5oz.
For domestic mail, the rate is 1oz - 0.58; 2oz - 0.78, 3oz - 0.98, 3.5oz-1.18
For international, an additional ounce(s) differs based on the destination. You can look up the First-Class Mail International (FCMI) price group here
and then look up the rate for the respective price group in the October 2021 price file
However, much more easier is to look the price up in the postage price calculator
Here is a review on first class international mail
Hope it helps!

Would a normal international forever stamp work? Or would I have to add another dollar onto that?

You need another $1.13 in addition to the International Forever. But, if your scale says it is under 1.5 ounces you will be okay with just the International Forever. It might be best to take to post office to be sure. Sometimes if it’s just a bit over I take my chances with just the International Forever but make sure your return address is very clear