How many badges are there and what kinds and lastly hot to get them?

i know about the world postcard day badge and the postcrossing ambassador badge but what else


There is one more, the postcrossing supporter badge. You will receive it for a year after donating to the project.
I don’t know any more badges.

You get the “longest distance” and “sent cards” badges when you reach the top 100 of your region/country. At least I believe it is top 100? Correct me if I am wrong. I am currently around 150th on both for Sweden so I am really looking forward to reach the top 100 in couple of months or so. And these are for the official site, here in the forum there is complete another set of badges.

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Thank you very much for the info

Thanks for the info i have you reach top 100 in Sweden before the end of 2021

Appreciated: Receive 1 like on 20 posts
Autobiographer: Filled out profile info
Editor: First post edit
Enthusiast: Visit 10 consecutive days
First Like: Liked a post
First Mention: Mentioned a user in a post
First Share: Shared a post
Nice Reply: Received 10 likes on a reply
Reader: Read every reply in a topic with more than 100 replies
Thank You: Has 20 liked posts and gave 10 likes
Welcome: Received a like
Forum Veteran: Member of the old Postcrossing Forum

Those are just some of the ones I know about. I’m sure there are a lot more out there. We’ll just have to discover them as we go along. :wink:


You can see all the forum badges here.


Thank you very much

Thank you very much this will be helpful to me

where can I see where I am in the ranking?

You can easiest see it in the monthly newsletter with your postcrossing stats. It should arrive to your email at the beginning of each month. The stats there are however only showing the situation at the moment the email was sent, so if you are looking older one, the changes are your ranking is not the same anymore.

Once you reach top 100 you can see your exact ranking by moving the cursor over the badge under your profile pic on your profile page. Note that badges shows only when you have reached top 100. If you don’t have them, you are under the top100.

If you are on top 10 you can see your ranking even on country’s profile page.