How long it usually takes to get an answer from PC team?

I wonder how long it usually takes to get an answer from PC support?

About one week ago I reported that I got three ‘postcards’ with one ID. Each postcard is made from two glued thin paper sheets, not precisely cut and printed in low quality.
Yesterday I received another ‘postcard’. It’s a Starbucks Rewards card… I don’t want to register it, so I wrote to PC team again.

Have you ever contacted with PC support? When can I expect an answer?

My longest wait was 7 month.
I sent 2 reminders as well. I was very p*ssed about this.

Do not register items you complain about.

Usualy Team is quicker in response. Say 3 weeks.
But maybe you beat my record!

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I have got my responses in 1-3 days.

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i received an e-mail today within 10 minutes. but that was only a missing id.

last time i complained about a received ‘card’ it took a few days i believe. but that was years ago, i never say anything anymore because it makes me feel like a bad person :sweat_smile:

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I never waited longer than a couple of days. But it’s a small team and some cases are easier to judge than others. The few times I needed to contact them I tried to describe it as precisely as possible and added pictures to my initial “complaint” to show what I was talking about.


It depends. Easy to resolve issues are usually answered within a few hours/days. Those that require investigation take longer.

Your query is being dealt with. You should get an answer soon.

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