How long has the postcard been mailed before it arrives, it will be considered lost on the journey

I have sent a postcard to France forty eight days ago. I don’t know whether it was lost on the way or not.

I wouldn’t assume it’s lost yet. The pandemic has slowed mail down considerably. There are fewer airline flights for mail to travel on, border closures, pandemic precautions required in postal plants slow things down & outbreaks in postal plants too means mail gets delayed as well. There has also been a huge increase in mail volume that post offices world wide have been coping with since the pandemic started.

Most postcards arrive before 60 days, after that it’s considered expired & you get another address to mail to, BUT it has up to a year to still arrive & be registered.

I currently have 2 cards to Russia that are have been travelling over 60 days - they may still get there. I sent a card to Belarus in early Nov & it arrived this week after 94 days.

Being patient, especially during the pandemic is hard, but it’s a normal part of Postcrossing, hang in there.


@LC-Canada If all five of my postcards have expired, can I have a chance to send postcards
to others?

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Yes, you will get more addresses as those postcards expire.

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I sent a postcard to a pretty inactive postcrosser. I tried a new one after it expired and they still haven’t registered. I’m kinda suspicious that they have both and didn’t bother. :frowning:
But I don’t know I guess

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You might try some direct swaps closer to home in your region to get some postcards sooner like Singapore or Japan for example while you’re waiting for more official addresses. Or even within China as well. Many of us have done direct swaps when we first started & were eager to get postcards right away.

Most of my mail to & from China to Canada takes 4 to 8 weeks.

Oh that is so annoying

Thanks for your suggestion. I have tried swaps several days ago. They will arrive after a month or mabey longer.

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