How long did it take to get your first postcard?

Slow hobby–that is for sure. I am a newbie and things were going okay for awhile.
Then November hit, and now it is s l o w. . . s l o w. . .s l o w. . .

It has been weeks since I a “hurray” has hit my email :pensive: On a good note, I did receive two postcards last week :slightly_smiling_face:

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“…this is a supreme exercise in patience”

I am quickly learning that :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome to Postcrossing :slight_smile: Yes, it takes some time.
And sometimes people take a bit time to choose a card or decorate it nicely for you. I believe there will be some nice cards soon :slight_smile:

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Hi! I am new to Postcrossing! I must say I’m in love with the way this process works; however, waiting for my first ever postcard to arrive has had me on pins and needles! :grimacing:. I can’t wait!!! I wonder where it will be from?

I have had 2 people register mine so far, but I still have yet to receive. Hopefully tomorrow! Fingers crossed!!

P.S. How long was until you received your first postcard?


I believe I got my first one after 6 weeks. Just keep sending, it’s worth it :slight_smile:

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Welcome to Postcrossing! Yes, it’s exciting waiting & sometimes it can take a while, but those cards will arrive. Be patient & enjoy!

Here’s another thread that talks about this


Thanks for the reply. Has this been the trend in your case for a the turn around of when you send? It takes 6 weeks to receive?

Took me about two weeks to receive one after my first card sent was registered. I guess it depends on your location as well. USA and Germany send a lot of cards so you might have to wait a bit more if youre from one of those two? Because it needs a user that is not from your country to match.

Or you can tick the box that allows to send/receive from your own country.

My first card was registered over a month after I joined, and I received mine a couple of weeks later. The USA is very slow to receive at the moment so you might have to be extra patient. (Edit: your first card was registered a week ago, receiving in less than a week is not that common, cards need to phisically travel, there was a weekend in the middle, etc… Even in normal times, a week to the USA from most countries would be quite quick, nowadays a lot of us seem to have to wait a month or two for something to get to the USA! I can see you sent to the USA so you can receive domestically which might help. Germany is quick too, the rest is always a surprise).

Depending on how much you send, you can receive almost every day once you have a lot travelling, or every few weeks. I alternate periods of receiving often with weeks of nothing.

There are also a lot of activities on the forum if you want to get more active.

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Sent my first postcards on 4th January and received the first card yesterday. Pretty quick :slight_smile:


The first few months of Postcrossing felt slow for me. I made my account on November 29th and received my first postcard on January 2nd. Then on January 18th I got three! It’s now a year and two months later, and last month I sent sixteen cards and received eleven.

Things that helped me, since I was eager to send and receive as much mail as possible: I sent postcards to folks in my own country (it often arrives quicker and is cheaper in the US), sent cards to family and friends, and reached out to people on Postcrossing for direct swaps.

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I’ve sent my first cards on January, 4th too. Didn’t receive any card yet.
I still have to wait. :blush:

I got a few cards already of forum members to fill my mailbox a bit while waiting for official cards. That was really nice :slightly_smiling_face:

There are really nice people here. I already love the forum here.


I’ve sent out my first postcard on November 22, 2020 and today January 14 I received my first postcard in the mail :grinning: I had a lot of fun writing and sending out postcards these last couple of weeks. Seven of my postcards are registered and six are still travelling, I can hardly wait for them to arrive so I can write more. :upside_down_face:


I received my first one after 10 days or so. But in western Europe it’s a little easier and faster because we have more countries nearby.
Have faith, you will soon receive your first postcard.
This is a lovely hobby :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Woow looks like I was rather lucky back in 2011, as I received my first card 10 days after my first card was registered.

and these Escher cards are almost gone I think one or two left :wink:

A “slow hobby”, yes it is! Patience is needed for this hobby!


Hi everyone, I am a newbie to Postcrossing. I’ll start by introducing myself. I am a wife, mother of 2 daughters and grandmother of six, living in the southern state of Victoria, Australia. I was hoping to join in the fun exchanging cards from people all around the world.

I haven’t had a very good start and made some errors,
Firstly I forgot to take a photo of cards sentback in December, in saying that though, I have had two that were acknowledged. The rest have not been acknowledged.

And to date have not received any postcards.

Is that normal for some cards not to be acknowledged?

I know it is very strange time we are all living in at the moment.


Starting off with Postcrossing is often slow in the beginning. The rest of your sent cards may not have arrived yet. You should also consider that the pandemic has made for longer delivery times. Then too mail gets lost. Don’t worry…just sit back and be patient.

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Hi Carolyn, Welcome to the Forum. Please remember there are much fewer air flights now, so mail to & from Australia can take quite a bit of time - I’ve had my cards take up to 6-7 weeks to get there or it has taken just as long for me to receive them from Australia in Canada.

There are also huge slowdowns in the postal services because of many more lockdowns in most countries - you’re quite lucky in Australia because of your good public health work not to be in long lockdowns. Also there are more outbreaks in postal plants & more postal workers getting ill as well. Plus some countries are closing their borders at times given the new variants of the virus emerging.

Postcrossing teaches us patience & it’s hard right now, but your cards will arrive at their destination eventually & you’ll get your cards being sent to you too. The vast majority of cards arrive at their destinations and are registered by the people who receive them.

You could try sending cards to other Australians or New Zealanders while you’re waiting - some whom you can find on here Oceania - Postcrossing Community or you can use the search function on the main site here to find people interested in direct swaps Log in. Hang in there - it’s worth it!


Also, your first card was received on Jan 27th, so it means that someone received your address to send you a card on that date and not earlier.

As already mentioned, mail to Australia takes a long time now, even a few months from some places, so it might be still some time before anything arrives to you. We all have to be very patient these days…