How do you write a greetings (in your language)?

So I am looking for different language greetings. I hate using online translators, but I love to write different greetings (especially in their language).
I know German- Guten Tag (Good day) and Hallo (Hello). But I don’t know… any other, than my own language.
So I’m asking anyone that is willing… What is your 1st language’s main greeting and how do you write it.

Thank you so much!!


Lots of Postcrossers have worked on building these lists over the years so we would have a good resource in many languages so we can use each others’ languages when writing postcards - we’re up to 48 languages now - enjoy!

Also at the top of the main web site, in the right hand corner, is a running list of how to say Hello in many languages as well. If you hold your cursor over the word, it will tell you what language it is.


AMAZING!! Thank you so much!!! :smiley:

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Hola, que tal? in Spanish :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
What is your native language?