How do you take picture of your postcard?

I usually use camscanner app, but sometimes its just too low quality

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I use my Epson flatbed scanner.

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I use the camera on my iPad, and then use the photo editor to neaten it up. Or, if I bought the postcard online, I go to the photo of the postcard on the website, take a screenshot, and neaten it up.

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I don’t have a scanner sadly, so I just use my phone to take pictures in decent lighting


I just started taking images of cards, I use an app called PhotoScan and am pleased with the quality.

I also use the scans as my MS Teams backgrounds and the quality is good even on a larger screen.


When I take a photo on my phone, it sometimes recognises it’s a ‘document’ and treats it like a scan, cropping and adjusting the ratio. But I can’t work out how to actively turn on that function!

(I have a scanner which I mostly use anyway, but it would be good to work out the phone thing when I just have a single card to do quickly).

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I use PhotoScan since official Postcrossing site recommended it to me. The only problem is when card has a lot of text (on the picture side, I don’t scan messages!) the end result could be a little bit blurry. Maybe I should use a scanner from my phone camera for cards like that.

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I use Google Photo Scan on my smartphone.

I use a CanonLIDE 120 scanner, it’s been around a few years and I bought mine online secondhand although it was still in the box and had never been used, the best investment I ever made as it can produce very fine detail and huge enlargement with excellent colour rendition. So I use it for stamps, ephemera, postmarks and detecting forgeries. Having said that it produces perfect scans of Postcards and the downloadable software enables me to keep a library of my scans of all cards sent and received. To top it all it’s very easy to set up and use, intuitive and doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Epson V39 flatbed scanner.

It does what it should do and the pic quality is also good even in low resolution. It’s not the fastest one but as I only need it for private purpose it’s totally okay

I don’t have a scanner, but I use the Genius Scan app on my phone. If I take the pictures in natural light they come out quite well.

I’ve got a multi-functional printer - scanner is integrated.

I use an app called ‘Scannable’ - sometimes have to change the background for it to capture the postcard and do some cropping, but when it gets it right it looks really good.

Actually started using the app after I saw another Postcrosser’s profile recommend it.

Am I the only one who just stands above the postcard and take a photo with my phone? :joy:


I’ve an EPSON multi-functional printer - scanner is integrated.
Can use high resolution for the pictures.
I´m satisfy , hope the receiver also…