How do you store or display your postcards?

Oh, Thank you for your response.
Just an A4 sleeve? :open_mouth:
But how do you make the postcards stay in place like you show in your pictures?

I attach a tiny piece of double-sided tape onto the postcards!


Oh, I number them like that, too :slight_smile:

I also have the official cards stored in the order they are received. I have (so far) 3 boxes that then have smaller boxes in them that hold about 50 cards each. Each of the bigger boxes will hold between 700 to 1000 cards. The oversized cards are just lying on top of all the little boxes.
Not sure what I do after card number 2500, but since I am still at 400 and change, I have a while to think about it.

The cards from the Forum (Round Robins, lotteries) and the direct swaps are another matter. Right now they are just in one big chaotic-but-happy plastic tub, and I sift through looking at them from time to time. I am eventually going to order those by theme, by country or by Round Robin category - still thinking about it.

All cards are scanned and well organized on my computer.

PS - added to answer @rilobilly question - my cards to be sent are in two big tubs, in alphabetical order. (Ex: Animals, Bicycles, Coffee, Elvis…) I have tried twice to create a catalog on my computer for them, but didn’t keep it up to date very well.

PPS - are there any P/Cers on here that have thousands of cards? I’m curious about how your storage system has evolved?

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