How do you store addresses?

I have seen many members on the forum stating they have another member’s address when they tag them. How do you store addresses for future use?

I don’t store them anywhere on my PC - I don’t think that would be appropriate. However neither do I delete any of my received messages, so I have been searching those if I tag someone more than once. That way it’s up to the forum gurus to decide if it’s OK for addresses to be collected like that.


That’s how I’ve been doing it, too.

Like @UsanduK, I delete them after use unless the recipient and I agree to swap again. But yes, I suppose they do live in my private messages.

Oh yeah I’ve seen that too!
I keep tabs of people I agree to swap regularly with myself, but those are penpals


I used to delete them and just ask again :sweat_smile:. But since I became host of a Round Robin, I realised I needed to keep them, so I sent a message to myself here in the forum with all of them.
I edit whenever it’s needed to add a new one and I have them alphabetical. I ended up adding the others I have (private swaps, tags, etc) in case I needed them again. This way they are all stored in the same place and I can look them up when needed without going through all the messages.

Edited to add: I just wrote “needed” a lot… well, I guess I needed to… :laughing:



Nice save :grin:


Before the new forum: nowhere… now I have the old messages archived. Well, I have a few in my address book, but mostly Postcrossers I met on meet ups…

I search my messages to see if I have their address. If not, I request again. It seems I often exchange with a few postcrossers, so I know their address will be in my messages, lol.

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I keep an address in my email archive until the swap is completed. So occasionally I will still have an address there when a different swap happens with the same person. But after it’s complete I’ll delete.

My iphone memo

I copy the written side of all my cards before posting

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