How do you show your compassion with Ukraine without writing political words?

I think the reason why people write about this, is that this is what is in the news and It affects so many people’s lives. It is part of many members life even when they are not from Russia or from Ukraine. Same as the war is not the fault of some random Russian member, it’s not the fault of some random Postcrosser, that all crisis and conflicts aren’t written equally and those consequenses visible in their life, hence they are not even aware of everything what happens. Of course people easily write about things that are near and topical. It doesn’t mean they don’t care about other problems at all.

Spreading joy…is there somewhere that this is what this should be, and how could that be possible since it’s different for everyone. It says to write a friendly message, and I think it’s friendly to acknowledge there is a shared crisis happening. To show support, understanding, friendly thoughts.
Same was with covid.

(Edit. I got pm’s about this being a reply to @corny77 's post, (and not just a general forum post), which would in their eyes mean that I’m insulting the person I replied to, implying something is their fault, and there is a reproach. I can’t change this message being a “just” a reply. Therefore I’m editing this here if someone else sees my message as wrongly. There is nothing hidden, just what I write, and it’s not about Corny77, but my thought/views about this topic, that “grew” from their message - and that is why I replied by pushing the reply button under their message :slight_smile: I believe. I really didn’t give it so much thought which reply is push.

And also writing this openly here because this is the first time when the choice of reply button is given so much importance and seen as having hidden meanings. I hope no new members will get same style messaging, and if they do: it’s not common.

For my part all is good, because I know what I mean.
I did give them a choice they are writing to a wrong person, because I really don’t see how this message would mean such things they saw there. (Edit 2. there was three likes before this edit, so they don’t necessarily mean they agree with this - adding this too just in case))


I believe that people speak more about the war in Ukraine because it is in Europe. But I totally agree with you, Postcrossing is about spreading joy. As @xxxyyy wrote, showing understanding / empathy is part of this goal (at least, in my opinion).
That’s the reason why I think it isn’t shocking to write about the war when you are writing to an Ukrainian postcrosser. And to wish for peace to every postcrosser.

I guess that postcrosser in Belarus and Hong Kong did receive some support too because of what happened recently in their political life, but I am just presuming.


I do this, too:


Thank you for the link for Postal Ukraine!
I’ll definitely be placing an order.


Sometimes they are written equally but people just decided to ignore it. They dont care because the victims are from different race

Well, one of your fellow European country friend has been involving in wars for years. They are still competing at Eurovision while Russia and Belarus has been banned since last year :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:


I want to touch on that last point. There will always be individuals with diverse perspectives within any place or country. This means different people will view the same event from various angles, even in the exact location.

If the recipient’s stance on an issue differs from what the sender assumes it to be, receiving words that don’t align with their position could be somewhat problematic (unless there has been some prior discussion, which isn’t the case here).

This has occurred in the past, albeit with roles reversed. A Hong Kong sender wrote a postcard about their past political events, which a Russian recipient received. However, the recipient found it troubling, as he had no interest in the matter and didn’t wish to learn about it. To be polite, he responded, “Thank you for your postcard.”

I believe the best way to avoid such situations is to avoid mentioning sensitive topics altogether. Platforms like Twitter might be more appropriate if you wish to discuss something. It’s crucial to remember that Postcrossing is an international postcard web and not a forum for news media or political events.

(I apologize if I come across as long-winded or if this appears to be a digression. I intend to emphasize the importance of enjoying the simple pleasure of exchanging random postcards.) :joy:


I meant situations when it’s told not to write about a war in Europe, when there has been war there and there for such while, and why we are not writing about that. It can be the European member never knew about it. It’s not written here. It has no direct affect on their life. And it’s normal that we focus on what touches us. It’s ok to write about it, without needing to search if there are similar or worse things in the world. (Of course no one needs to write it, but sometimes some topical things just fall from the pen :slight_smile: )

I have some peace etc. stickers, but try to use them only to persons who write in their profile about their support to Ukrain.

It’s funny how there are sunflower cards, and I suddenly make a connection to Ukraine. Now I think, will it be takes as a “statement”. Like I used an old rainbow postage stamp (from a sky phenomena set), the receiver took it as a pride sign.


The problem is, we don’t know what is sensitive to whom.
There are severe personal sorrows, that are not less because there is worse things. There is no ultimate sorrow or wrong, or who can decide what can be discussed.

If there is a topic someone doesn’t like, it’s safest to mention it in the profile.

I take the Covid exmple again. I then got a profile who told not to write about it as no one wants to hear about it, it’s bad enough. The next profile asked to write how it affected our lives and work, and asked for cards about this topic.

For me it’s easy: tell what you like. Most of us here do respect that.

For some the joy in all sorrows and fears is to be able to share it and feel they are not alone, or that know someone cares about it, they are not forgotten.


I draw a Ukraine flag on every postcard I send except those going to Russia or Belarus. I do feel that people only get the leaders they deserve in the long term but it’s not up to me to point that out. We don’t have the greatest of governments here at the moment but at least I have the freedom to try to vote them out. When registering cards I add “peace in Ukraine” to each message.


And that is why world peace is bullshit. There is no such thing as world peace if you (I am not pointing at you but I am pointing at everyone) keep picking side.


I guess this is a reference to the United Kingdom?

I see your point and I don’t disagree. The citizens in my opinion definitely carry part of the blame for letting the country get where it is with their indifference / inaction because it didn’t happen overnight. However, from what I have been able to understand today’s Russia is a dictatorship that doesn’t allow dissent and kills its own people. That puts young people who disagree into a tough position because they themselves have not had any chance to affect the direction of the country. I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes, although it is of course incomparable with being the one whose home is bombed. I read a story recently about a 12-year-old Russian girl who drew an anti-war picture at school. She was sent to orphanage and her father to prison. So I personally feel it wouldn’t be right to put the blame also on those people. But of course the way you feel is totally valid and I don’t want to suggest otherwise. You are at the direct receiving end of the terror after all.


I don’t think it’s fruitful to flag people whose views differ. But when the language becomes antagonistic, it’s a pretty easy decision.

Have a great Monday folks!


I think it’s fine to express support in our profiles, but be careful writing things on cards that are easily read by postal employees, govt folks, or snoopy neighbors. Members can get in trouble for having anti-war sentiments or receiving materials deemed to be “propaganda”.


Guess where I first saw the word “Apartheid.”

On a bumper sticker.

Then I looked it up.

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I’m with you. And then what?

I don’t. I show it with words. I write “peace for Ukraine” on my postcards.

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Love this approach.

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I can tell you for sure that at least some mail carriers have (or better: take) the time to read the mail :wink:

This is most likely not the rule, but it is not an exception either.

Imho neighbours can be the bigger problem, if the mail is delivered into the wrong mailbox.

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Let’s wrap up this discussion here, as this topic is sensitive and keeps getting flagged. I think we’ve heard a variety of opinions already, with different suggestions being offered (as well as their pros and cons).