How do you prefer the message side?

How do you prefer the message side?
Completely blank, with just a line in the middle, or with also the lines for the address?

I think I prefer completely blank, having the choice, but also it doesn’t really look like a postcard before writing anything on it, so I am not really sure.


Just the line in the middle and brief information about what is in the picture.


I like to have the lines for address.

I totally don’t care tbh. I decorate my cards to separate from the address if needed.

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I prefer this too. I find lines for the address fairly useless. They’re always in the wrong place, too wide, too narrow, too many or not enough of them. They might work if addresses throughout the world were standardized, but they’re not.


I prefer at least a line to separate the message and address. If the postcard doesn’t have a line I usually draw a line. But I may not, I may change ink colors for the address. I just want to make it easier for the postal workers. :heart:


Bottom left. :slightly_smiling_face:

I like a “line in the middle” to differentiate the address area from the message area. Most cards I pick up do have one, but when they don’t, I use thin washi to make a line.

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I prefer a way to stop the message. So either there’s the lines for the address or the line to separate the address section to the message section. If there’s nothing, I’ve accidentally gone to far to the right with my message

I prefer completely blank as there are times the recipients’ addresses are very long and printed lines for the address seem useless to me. When completely blank, I can write the address and message with a bit of decoration in the way I want to. :slight_smile:


I do prefer it like on the Papersisters cards.
A checkered part (not the whole side) on the address part as that gives me orientation to write in a straight line and not going up or down and the freedom to place it the way I want.

My preference is for the center line + a brief description of what’s in the photo in the upper left hand corner. If there’s a square in the upper right indicating where to put the stamp or the 3-4 lines on the right side to indicate where to write the address…both of these I can take it or leave it; no significant preference. Hope this helps!


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I prefer blank.

Simple line to separate address from writing area

For me deepens to who I will send the postcard .
To some I would like to write more and
to some it’s hard to know what to write when they have a profile that has only 2 sentences or less so you wonder what to send + what to write
or the other option is they want a decorated postcard so in this case I write the text a bit so there is more space for decoration .
But maybe I would like to have only the lines for the address so I will know how much space to leave for people who I write a lot

I was thinking address should be lined but i used some completely blank cards without lines and they are nice, so without any lines))

When I buy cards online & they arrive completely blank on the reverse I always worry the person who receives them will think they’re either self printed or half a greetings card, given how frowned upon that appears to be with many postcrossers I would at least prefer a middle line & a brief description of the picture side x

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Disagree as some are several lines long including the country.

Personally, I prefer blank. I then frame each section as needed using thin washi tape. More flexibility, especially if people request lots of stamps. As far as address lines… Don’t need them, but doesn’t matter. I cover them with an address label anyway. Easier for auto mail sorters to get my card to it’s destination faster.

For example,

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I like address lines because it helps to keep the address readable and not in too small area.
If the address is more lines than there is in the card, I write on top of the line and under it, so to some areas between lines I write two rows.

If the lines are too short, I draw them longer or imagine it’s longer.

Here when I buy marimekko cards they are almost empty, and one person told me they “almost didn’t register it”. I don’t remember did they found out it’s normally like that or what. There was a little text that had the copyright information.

I don’t find totally empty cards sold here. Everything has some information, and I prefer so.
But I know some Shein etc. sell “prints” that has no information and are blank. There was arguement about those, as they are sold as prints and nothing postcard-looking on the other side, are those ok to swap as postcard. (It was unused postcards swap.)

I have received those written and I think it’s nicer to get them written, as the text and stamp makes it look more like postcard.

But I understand how you feel, I was looking one unwritten and did think the same, will this look like used, or part of something else.

I think most don’t like the half a greeting card ones that are not normal postcard size, and that are more thin, and just torn apart.

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