How do you manage to write more text on a postcard?

It’s a blue stamp that says air mail that my post office makes me put on my postcard

Like this

@anon56117570 - you don’t need those for mail sent from the USA. Those stickers say “Royal Mail” so they wouldn’t be used by the USPS at any point (?)

Here’s a short thread about how air mail stickers aren’t needed for mail sent from the US:

It lie that but says air mail on them sorry I posted wrong picture

I was told the same at the post office too

@SilverHare Surprisingly, there is indeed an instruction on USPS website, that for international first-class mail either a laber or written “AIRMAIL/PAR AVION” should appear on the address side (link, link).

@Angeldreamer works for the USPS :slightly_smiling_face:

The lady at the post office told me it had to go on it

Based on the USPS website I linked above, you can only write it under the address to save the space and not put the sticker on.
I have never used the stickers and no postal worker required me to put them on :woman_shrugging:

Next time I send one out I’m going to do this and see what happens. Thank you

the USA does not require airmail stickers…but the receiving country might need it to ensure that it travels past the port of entry in the fastest manner. I have not encountered the need tho and have sent well over 1000 cards, most getting to their locations within a few weeks.


I’ve never put one of those on my postcards. I’ve only been doing this a month, but my international cards have arrived safely so far in both the Netherlands and 2 to Germany.

Well that’s good to know. Thank you

I havent seen those stickers on US mail in decades…if you have sheets of them they are collectible, and some postcrossers would enjoy getting a few!

I never use any decorative stickers or washi tape…just the proper postage, address, and my message. I do print out an address if its in China, but only in Times Roman 14 font

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Oh I have some and can get more :rofl: the first postcard I was able to send out was from china and nothing really on the profile. I wish i could’ve got another person. Just seem odd tho.

I have no idea about the rules in the USA but here there is a thickness limit for postcards too, it only can be 5mm thick.

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I always wonder why you go to the post office to mail a card?! Why not put it in the mailbox?

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I usually put mine in the mailbox, unless I need stamps. If I have to go to the post office I’ll drop the cards off there figuring it’ll save some time

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I never have room for stickers or washi tape. I write too much. Sometimes I put my card in an envelope,I might decorate that

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Ahhhh…okay now I understand, thanks for clarifying…
I always hear most people from the US say they go to the post office and I always wondered why :blush:

I will say that sometimes I don’t trust our mail delivery woman - seems like my cards are making it to their intended people but it also seems like it’s taking a long time. I’ve gotten a card from Germany in 9 days, took my card 18 days to get there. I’m wondering if it has to do with putting it in my mailbox instead of taking it to the post office? who knows. I guess as long as they get delivered. Although quicker would be better since I can’t get an official address until my cards are received.