How do you keept your cards and stationary when traveling?

Hi to all those who like to write postcards when traveling.
How do you keep your postcards, stamps, stickers, pens etc. when traveling?
I saw a “postcard traveler” at papersisters’, it’s made of leather and quite nice.
However, it’s quite expensive, and, for carrying around, the leather might be a bit heavy.
Well, sooner or later I’ll need something for my travels - what do you use?
Thanks for your answers


I’m traveling quite a lot and use a zip-bag from FolderSys in A6 or A5 for postcards, stamps, etc. Minimal weight and as this bag is transparent, I see from the outside what is inside.

This might not work for everybody or if you want to take lot of cards with you, but I usually have a book with me when I travel so I have the cards and stamps tugged between the pages. Depends on book’s size how many you can take, but I usually can fit in about 5 cards. I don’t like to write cards “on move” so much, so that is enough for my needs :sweat_smile:

Stickers could travel between pages too. Pens I will just have in bag free-roaming somewhere. My pens are not so fancy that they need any special travel case. To be honest, most of time I forget to take a pen with me so I will just use whatever I can find. Surprisingly many places has free pens laying around.


I have quite a collection of zipper bags in mesh and various fabrics. I keep jewelry/makeup in one, electronic chargers etc in one, different currencies/coins, stationery and postcards in another etc. etc. They work well. Also I’ve picked up several as souvenirs on trips and besides being useful they remind me of previous trips.


I use ziplock bag on daily basis - I put outgoing mail in it before going to post and sending them. I also use it in travel (sometimes just bigger size) - it fits amazingly up to 25 cards, I think, some stamps, 1-2 pens and sheet of stickers. Pretty comfy, not so much space and SAFE - it will not accidentally open…


I have the postcard traveller and it’s very lightweight. I have it in my bag every day (in the case I’m buying cards or for the transport to the mailbox). For travels it wouldn’t help me too much as I always buy lots of cards then… and I couldn’t fit them into the postcard traveller :thinking:

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I went to the $2 shop and bought a cardboard box - 8" x 10" x 1.5". It keeps all my cards and bits and pieces flat when in transit in my suitcase. Its done many trips and is still in great condition. I don’t often write cards on the run but if I do I use a ziplock bag.

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I use a re-purposed airlines amenities kit. It’s just the right size for postcards, and has pockets for pens, washi and stamps. It zips up and keeps everything safe.


I have a few of those types of bags, very handy!

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Like a travel-organizer - think I like this type of “bags”