How do you decorate cards in an envelope?

Hi everyone! Wondering how you decorate cards that you send in an envelope for swaps with multiple cards? Do you write the whole address on each card? Use used stamps? No stamps? Write on the whole card?

I typically decline these trades because I’m not sure what the protocol is, but sometimes you just want more cards for less postage yk?! :joy:

Just ask! If I agree on an in envelope trade I always specify these things as there really is no common protocol and I was sometimes disappointed about not mentioning it before.

Personally I only do in enveleope swaps when they look like normal postcard (with the address and used stamp).

I sent them written and with a used stamp on it. And with the address also most of the times.For me , people doesn´t have to write the address but Only my name is oke.I decorate them with washi or stickers and write about myself or about whats on the card.

It depends. If someone has requested fully written cards or if I feel like I have a lot to say, I use the whole back of the card for writing.

Otherwise, I write the address on each card and place a sticker that looks like a stamp on it. I don’t like the look of a card with the message half written and the address half blank - it just looks incomplete to me, like something that was half finished and never sent :worried:

Sometimes if I receive a card like that, I write in my own address and put a sticker or used stamp on it, but then it bothers me that the handwriting for the message and address don’t match :rofl:

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I don’t write address on postcards in envelope. Instead, I use the address space to write more message. And I don’t use stamps. My thinking is that there is address and stamps on the envelope :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I usually use the entire card to write my message. If in doubt, ask the recipient if they want their address and a fake stamp or just a message.

If the other person who I am swapping with wants her/his card written, I usually decorate and write it like normal card. I use small amount stamp, write the address and msg just like normal card, decorate with washi tapes and stickers, now this one I know not everyone can do, but I ask for postmark at the post office, then put them all in the envelope, so they look just like normally sent postcard except the value of the stamp is low value and does not reflect the current postage fee.
For myself (and for many people I know who like to swap multiple written cards in envelope), its fine if they dont have to have postmark, many normally sent postcards arrived without postmark anyway. But we like to have it like normally sent postcard (with the address and stamps)

Some people use used stamps too and that is nice too.

I used to use stamp shapes washi tapes/stickers but then I realize that the cost of the washitape is about the same with the small valued stamp, so now I use small valued stamp. They look more like normally sent card

But different people may have different expectation, so it would be better to discuss it with the person you are swapping with. Have fun swapping :grin:

Yes, I do both. Or instead of used stamp I put a sticker matching to the postcard motive on it. I also use marks sometimes. I always try to make it look like a postcard that traveled without envelope.

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I write the address as usual and either use a small denomination stamp (1-cent) or a used stamp if I have one that fits the theme of the card. If I use a 1-cent stamp I use a rubber stamp to make a fake postmark :blush:

Here is a picture of several postcards I was getting ready to mail. Near the middle there is one with a 4-cent stamp and faux postmark that I sent in an envelope.


Sometimes, there is so many empty space and I don’t have anything to write. Just write like 5-6 sentences in the middle of the card. There is no decoration or whatsoever beside the texts. One of my postcard pal do that and I’m fine with it. Or you can write in bigger handwriting and let is occupied most of the space.

Just a simple greetings like, “Hi, XXX!” and write the rest.

I find that putting “fake or cancelled stamps” to make it look like a real travelling postcard is felt too much for me. I prefer the sender will just write something than trying to decorate it to look like a real travelling postcard. Decoration is simply an add-on. If sender is willing to decorate, it is a plus point. But when dealing with many cards, there is simply no time to decorate right? So, I guess just writing is totally fine.

And please don’t forget to sign your name on each card so we know these cards belong to you.

Wow, the snail mail rubber stamp is beautiful! I need something like that :heart_eyes:

I use 5 cent stamps or pokemon washi tape stamps to fake a stamp. But I don’t have a cute rubber stamp to „cancel“ them. But I‘ve found some nice ones on Etsy like the snail mail stamp :smiley: I want to buy one. But I have a Priority rubber stamp from the Papersisters and blue ink, so I use this one to fake the card a little bit.