How do you continue chain lottery?

Hi everyone~ I am a little bit confusing now, so I need opinions from you all please~

How do you continue chain lottery when you win?

  • 1-to-1 (Number of lottery/winner depends on how many lotteries you win)
  • N-to-1 (Win multiple lotteries but only give out 1 or less than winnings)

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For me, I host lotteries as many as my winnings so the chain won’t break. I have been continue this ever since I first lottery win. However, things happened and now I am confused, am I doing the wrong thing this whole time? Please share your opinion or experience :pray:

If you win a chain lottery, you have to start a new chain lottery.

Or, if you win 2 chain lotteries in a row, you can open a new lottery in which there are 2 winners.

If you win a normal lottery, you don’t have to do anything except be happy about the prize.


So if someone didn’t do so, will moderator interfer? @Bille

If someone doesn’t open a new lottery, maybe they just forgot.
The first thing you should do is write them a message about it.
If they still doesn’t open the lottery after your reminder, you can inform us and we will ask them to do so.


It should be 1-to-1.
You won 1, you make a new 1.
However there are people who think that there are too many chain lotteries and they decide to not make a new lottery when they win a chain lottery. They instead send card(s) to RAS.

My honest opinion: chain lottery is so boring and there is nothing special about it when there are too many chain lottery. Somehow I agree with those who decide to send card(s) to RAS when they win chain lottery. Furthermore there are no moderators/admins that can track if a person continue the chain or not.

In my last lottery, the winner didn’t reply me with their address. What did I do? I didn’t choose a new winner. I send the card to RAS.

I think chain lottery should be limited to make it special and more popular. I noticed that number of participants in chain lottery is low compare to normal lottery, unless the host offering really special card like Gotochi or card from rare countries. And you can see that sometimes the winners are just the same person over and over again. And then they open 1 lottery with 5 winners because they won 5 lotteries. I believe it is because number of participants are low.


I close this topic now, because the question is answered.

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