How do wet stamps separate them?

Hello, everyone,
You can see my problem from the title.
I bought some stamps from the Icelandic post office, but they may have experienced heavy rain or snow during the journey. Anyway, the whole envelope got wet. I prayed that the stamps might have plastic wrapped around them, but they didn’t. They’re only in a paper bag.
So I received the following stamps.

The worst part is these two. They fit perfectly together.
Since the top one is self-adhesive and the bottom one is sticker, I can’t soak them in water to separate them.
Is there any way to separate them without tearing them apart?
Thank you very much.

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What a pity!

Have you already made a complaint?
I don’t know what the international situation is, but here in Germany every retailer has to send a replacement free of charge if the ordered goods arrive damaged or are lost.

I sent an email to them and am waiting for a reply.

It’s mostly international shopping, so I don’t know exactly how they’re going to handle it.


If you paid on your credit card they might also refund you. Information is on (a fab UK site)

  1. Soak in water for ten minutes, and the stamp will naturally fall off.
  2. Dry the stamps on toilet paper for half an hour and absorb most of the moisture.
  3. Place the stamp on a folded A4 paper, clip it into a thick book or magazine, press a heavy object on it, and slowly dry it in the shade for one to two days. This way, the stamp will be dry and firm like new.