How do u feel abou postcards from Russia NOW

Hello everyone. I am from Russia and I want to ask how you feel about receiving postcards from my country. It’s just that when I send postcards to other countries now, I feel guilty that they will receive a postcard from me, that they will be upset or angry about it. In general, I want to ask if you are upset when you receive postcards from Russia now?

I think about what my country is doing right now in a foreign country all the time… And im sorry for this maybe silly question. Idk. Just needed to ask


P. S. God save Ukrainians :ukraine::pray:


I enjoy getting postcards from any country. I am interested in the message of the person sending it.


For me, it isn’t about the Russian people, it’s the government that I dislike very much. The people cannot control what your country leader does. It is upsetting, but I do not blame the residents of Russia, just the government.

I like receiving cards from Russia. :smile: Wish I could send to there as well.

Slava Ukraini! :ukraine:


I’m only upset that I can’t send postcards to Russia, as I know that ordinary people aren’t to blame for what their government does. Was very happy to receive a postcard from Russia through a tag and am looking forward to when the mail ban is lifted. I hope no one gets angry at you or is mean. The war is horrible, but it is not your fault.


@CherKatar I am sending this with tears in my eyes. I know how you feel. I went 4 years recently feeling just how you feel.

Remember this. You are NOT responsible for what the government does. Peace be to you. I would gladly send a post card to you or anyone that lives in Russia. I am not sending it to Russia, I am sending it to a human being that happens to live in Russia.

Don’t you spend one more minute thinking any other way than postively about you and who you are.

A big hug to you and your people.

If you would like, PM me with your address and I’ll send you one.


I, too, am happy to get cards from Russia or anywhere else. I hate what Putin is doing, but that is not your fault. I would hate to think that folks there think we blame them for what is happening.


I think it’s better to keep the channels open to talking & connecting with one another. And I think most Postcrossers feel that way, so keep sending your cards okay?

That said, I do think people have influence & a responsibility to protest actions that their government takes that violate international law. And yes, there are different levels of resistance & real risks to people who do so, but saying we have no influence or aren’t responsible isn’t the answer.

No one predicted the fall of the Berlin Wall & yet it did happen & there are other examples in history where people protesting, resisting made a huge difference.

I know it’s extremely difficult in Russia right now, but I hope that the flame of resistance is nurtured as it can be for a just peace in the future.


100 :heart:


I enjoy getting postcards from Russian people just as much now as before the war. Ordinary citizens are generally not to blame for the actions or inactions of their governments, although I do believe we all have a duty to vote or protest or do whatever we can when our government violates laws or moral standards.


I completely agree with you. I’m of the same opinion. I went and continue to go to protest actions that I find out about. But I noticed that there have been no major protests recently. I’m trying to fix that by involving my friends and groupnates into that



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Be careful & be strategic & take action when you have a critical network of supporters & plans to keep yourselves safe as possible.

I send you & your friends my support & solidarity!


„Some believe it is only great power that can hold evil in check, but that is not what I have found. It is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.“

[Incorrectly attributed to Tolkien. It is a line from the Hobbit movie that did not appear in the books. Nevertheless, a very good quote.]


You arent responsible for what your government does. My government does terrible things too.

This is about connecting people. I got a postcard from Russia last week and i was happy to get it. I just wish i could send cards back to your country.


In fact, the responsibility lies is on all russians now. We fucked up. Something went wrong, despite the fact that there were protests from the very beginning. Strange things were already happening back then, but people didn’t believe in it. And now there are such terrible consequences.


We all do the best we can. мир во всем мире.


No! Stop that! Governments do not represent everyone. There are interesting people everywhereNO exceptions!


Here’s one my favourite author’s quotes that keeps me motivated to keep up the good fight.

Ursula Le Guin was a science fiction/fantasy writer & a wise political commentator.


I just received a card from someone in Russia. It was a beautiful card and I enjoyed it very much.
My problem is—I am in Texas and two cards I have sent to Russia have come back marked “Mail suspended”. I checked the location and both were far on the east side of Russia.
I hope if I get another Russian address that the card is delivered.
Governments are usually the problem—not the citizens