How do I suspend my account?

China Post often uses COVID-19 prevention and control as an excuse to ask me to go to a place 100 kilometers away to pick up the postcards you sent me,It’s hard for me,After careful consideration, I decided to suspend my account for a period of time, but I do not know how to operate, please help me, thank you!

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You could put your account into inactive state: you can send cards if you want to, but your address won’t be given out.

FAQ: How does the inactive state work?

When your account is set to Inactive, Postcrossing will not select your address to receive postcards. As soon as you set it back to Active again, you will receive all postcards that your account should had received during that time.

So if you know you are going to be away from your address for more than a week (for example: on holidays, a business trip, etc.), you should set your account to inactive (on your account settings) in advance, so that postcards stop being sent to you. This way, other members will not be kept waiting for a long time to have their postcards registered.

You can still send postcards while your account is in the inactive status — Postcrossing will just hold back sending you cards until you’re ready to receive them.

P.S.: I’m very sorry that you’re experiencing this kind of inconvenience. :pensive:


Click settings
Choose inactive


Besides setting your account inactive, you could explain the matter of not being able to register your received cards due to covid related travel restrictions in your area to the postcrossing team here Contact us and ask to register all or some cards that are currently traveling to you.