How do I create a gallery?

I recently asked people to share their postcard art on the theme of labor and work. Now I want to create a Postcrossing gallery to display what’s been shared but I can’t figure out how to set it up. I’m hoping someone here can tell me the right steps to take. Suggestions?

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Here’s what I do on my mobile phone:

  • Press the stylised camera in the bar at the top.
  • Then insert the individual pictures one after the other as usual with the icon at the bottom right.
  • After sending, it then takes a while until it is displayed correctly.


I have a dedicated gallery post for our 2021 Bingo thread.

You can have your gallery photos showing in one of two ways.

Either showing one at a time, and users have to click left/right to scroll through the single images - this is achieved using the camera icon - and inserting the images where it says ‘add image’.

Or you can have them showing as a wall of tiles…therefore all/most showing at once, and you can scroll downwards through them. This is achieved using the grid button (3x3) to the right of the camera button, and again, adding the images where the text prompts you to.

Either way, once you have made the gallery post and published it…you can go back into it, using the wrench button on the bottom right hand side and clicking ‘make into a Wiki’ or something like that…so that everyone has permission to edit the gallery (if you are wanting them to add the photos themselves).

I hope I haven’t misunderstood your question. My apologies if I’m teaching you to suck eggs. 🫤

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Thank you, that was really helpful. I just tried it with some photos and it worked :grinning:

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