How do I access the Private Messages sent to me?

When receiving a postcard, I (most of the time) receive a short thank you message. I only realised I got these messages because I get an email every time I get a message!
Is there any way I can access these private messages anywhere on this site?

Thank you for your help!

xx eli

Unfortunately, they’re not on this site. The thank you/hurray messages are only sent to you via email.


Thank you for helping me!
If I got another message on the Postcrossing site that is not a thank you message, would there be any way to access these?

All the messages sent to you via Postcrossing site are sent to your e-mail and that is the only place to view and read them.

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Hello @floraleli

You can adjust the profile via your PC account.
Go to - settings
Then open it
Then scroll down and then you can check or uncheck your preferences.

This applies to your PC account, not the forum account.

@JetteLise - Was your answer intended for a question in another thread? (Or am I just overlooking a question here?)

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It is an additional explanation of messages sent through the PC account and forum.
Think of it as an additional explanation
There are also questions from members on how to change their preferences.
Both with regard to the PC account and the forum account.