How do bookmarks and Notification levels work on this forum?

Hi, one user says that they have here at email settings at all three points Never but they still receive some emails. Is it possible? Is there some other place that should be edited for not receiving emails?

Hi Silpa!

Could you ask the person to get in touch with us, either here or through the site’s contact form? We can have a look at their account settings and messages they’ve received and try to help. Discourse is a complex forum and we or they might be missing something. :sweat_smile:

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Is it possible to set your options so the Forum and click on New, it only picks up things that are written in English?

I don’t think so, but you should be able to mute all of the non-english categories. Since English is the primary language in most of the forum, muting the specific language categories should mean that you only see posts in English.

I can clarify with screenshots if you need me to :slight_smile:

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Thanks - could you screenshot one as an example?

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No problem! So here’s how you get to the settings:

On mobile, tap your icon/notifications menu, select the little person tab, and choose “Preferences”. Then from the drop down menu, choose “Categories”.


Once you’re there, you can mute any categories you like! I’ve got most regions and any languages I don’t speak muted as you can see.


Then when I click on the “latest” or “new” categories, it only shows English topics because everything else is muted!
Hope this is helpful! :slight_smile:


Thanks so much! I appreciate it. I will give that a try.

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Is there a reason for placing a limit on making NEW bookmarks? I just don’t see the reason for limiting this. I could understand limits on messaging, posting or replying to topics as part of efforts to limit spam. I can even understand a limit on total number of accumulated bookmarks, of which I rarely accumulate more than around 10 or so at a time since most bookmarks I make are deleted as soon as I’ve had time to follow up. I’ve been away for a year or so and I don’t remember this being a problem last time, and I probably bookmarked more back then.

This limitation is negatively affecting my ability to enjoy the Forum and I just don’t see any rational reasoning behind it.

And it’s only 9:40 in the morning!